Registry Services

Laurmark Insurance Agency is excited to announce we now offer our clients

In Office Registry Transactions!

Yes, you read that right!  Laurmark Insurance Agency has implemented an Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) system in our office. This system gives our Agency the ability to complete various transactions for both personal and commercial vehicle registrations.

In the past, clients either went to the registry on their own or for a small fee they would have someone from our agency go for them. Lately, our clients have been experiencing a wait period as long as 5-10 days just for a completed registration transaction, metal plates and a new printed registration. With the operation of the EVR system in our office, our clients are now able to walk into Laurmark Insurance Agency and have us perform this task for them.

What is an Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) System?

EVR is an electronic system that was created by the Mass RMV. This system allows RMV-approved users to process registration transactions and title applications electronically through a direct link to the RMV. Our agency has officially been approved, and we can now offer this service to our clients.

What are some of the transactions Laurmark Insurance Agency can now complete using the EVR System?

We’re glad you asked! Here is a list of the transactions we can complete thus far:

    1. Registering and Title your new vehicle
    2. Registration Renewals
    3. Registration Reinstatements
    4. Transferring Plates between vehicles
    5. Pre-staged Registration and Title Applications
    6. Campers and Trailers and MC’s

    Click the links to get further details about the different transactions.  We will be adding more services as we receive them from the RMV.

      How does this help you?

      There’s a good chance you may spend an entire morning or afternoon during your visit to the RMV. The lines are typically long and the wait for your transaction to process can be even longer.

      Just like businesses all over the country, Mass RMV’s are making the proper adjustments to their business structures to better serve and safely meet the needs of their customers. Recently, RMV’s have created strict no walk-in policies which means all customers must have an appointment. This policy has some benefits, but a definite downside is that your appointment date may be 14 days out.  This means if you buy a car from your neighbor, you may have to wait 14 days to register it and consequently, 14 days to drive it.

      The days of our clients going to the registry for their vehicle registration are over!  With the implementation of the EVR System Laurmark Insurance Agency can service our clients’ vehicle registration needs in the comfort of our office.

      Call us at 781-341-0910 or contact us today to make an appointment.