Rental Property Insurance

Rental property insurance, also referred to as landlord insurance, is necessary for any dwelling you own but is occupied by tenants or is rented regularly to vacationers. Your homeowners policy only covers you and your belongings in your owner-occupied home.

The three main areas protected by a rental property insurance plan are property damage, lost rental income and liability protection. As the landlord of your rental property, you are covered in the event the dwelling suffers exterior damage or property inside the home is damaged, if the property is deemed uninhabitable due to things like extreme mold or termites, and if a tenant or visitor suffers an injury resulting from a property maintenance issue like icy sidewalks.

In addition to the three main areas of coverage, you may decide you need additional coverage for things like a tenant who fails to pay rent or flood damage or emergency coverage for unexpected events like a leaking dishwasher. At Laurmark Insurance, we will review all of your options for rental property insurance and help you determine which plan best fits your needs as a landlord. Contact us to get started.


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